Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Love, Cupid, hearts, chocolates, cards and flowers are everywhere--it's Valentine's Day! On February 14, Americans celebrate love and friendship. But where did this holiday of affection come from? The origins of Valentine's Day are murky. We do know that the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on the 15th of February. With the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th of February--the saint day that celebrated several early

How Donating Your Time Benefits You

I have always volunteered for projects in the past, but when my son got accepted into the National Honor Society in Middle School, I really learned what it meant to really donate your time. As he needed service hours, we joined the Ft Lauderdale Beach Sweep. It is held on the second Saturday of the month. Getting up to be there at the crack of dawn was not easy for either of us, to say the least, as neither of us are 'early birds'. But I noticed that afterward, we both had a