A Sea Glass Origin - Story #2

Round and round. Round and round. Spinning continuously until, at last, the life giving breath was given and it was born. Shaped narrowly near the top in order to help keep the bubbles from escaping, getting gradually wider towards the middle, continuing straight down to the bottom to hold the required pint of golden liquid. The bottle was formed and shipped to the brewery where it was filled with the finest of brews. Along with its many brown brothers, the bottle of ale trav

A Sea Glass Origin

The year was 1750 and it was a cold crisp morning in early Spring. As the life giving breath was blown down the tube, the cylindrical shape began to form. Slowly rotating, then rotating again, the disk was growing in size until it was just thick enough to hold its shape. The glass blower was one of the best to be found in the region and he was proud of his craft. No one could make a such a large piece of glass as thin as he could. Taught by his father, and his father before h