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De-Stressing By The Sea

Today I decided to take my daughter to the beach to try and find some sea glass and shells for our respective hobbies and mainly to de-stress from the previous week. The weather had been unusually wet from a cold front that had come down from up north, causing rough surf and heavy winds. Ideal conditions for finding lots of detritus washed up on the beach. I timed our arrival to coincide with the low tide, however, instead of finding the beach strewn with frosted white sea glass, we found instead, miles of frosted white jellyfish - a beach combers nightmare, to be sure.

We slowly trailed the low tide mark, growing increasingly dismayed at not finding much in the way of glass or shells.

It never seems to amaze me how the beach landscape can change from day to day seemingly at the very whim of Mother Nature.

After carefully dodging the jellyfish, I glanced down to find a tiny emerald green spec on the sand. Not the beautiful large specimen that I had hoped for, but, as you know from my previous posts, I was eager for anything at this point.

Bella, watching me with my new found fascination with Sea Glass, asked me if she too could look for some glass, and if she could keep it. Of course I replied, 'Yes! What you find is yours!'

After about an hour, we decided to turn around and now try our luck at the high tide mark. The amount of trash on this part of the beach was staggering. We walked a little faster now as our parking meter deadline was rapidly approaching. I picked up a beach seed and slowly rolled it in the palm of my hand silently praying to the sea gods to grant me one good piece. I suddenly glanced to the left to see, what appeared to be, another half dried jellyfish on the sand....but this one was flatter. So I gingerly tapped it with my fingernail and LO AND BEHOLD IT WAS SOLID!! EUREKA!!

I held it up to the sky making a 'heavenly chorus' type of noise and gave a silent heartfelt thank you.

Bella was getting rather discouraged at this point, as little girls will get when their instant gratification needs aren't met. I told her to hold 'the lucky beach seed' and to keep looking, and what-do-you-know?! She finds a smaller piece of frosted opaque white glass within three minutes!!

All in all, I think we had a very productive day and look forward to more 'de-stressing' days at the beach (hopefully without the 'stress' of course ;)

Can you tell me which is the 'Lucky Beach Seed' pictured to the left?

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