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Kumihimo - Learning Something New

So in November of 2016, some of you will remember, that I drove over to the west coast of Florida with my kids to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. It was a great trip, we got to see people that we haven't seen for awhile and do some things we love to do in new places (shelling and glassing). One of the people we got to see was my aunt Judith. She is my aunt by marriage, my uncle Bob passing a few years ago, and she is just an amazingly creative woman. Ever since I have known her she is 'into' one thing or another. I remember one visit she was into sewing these, literally, award winning quilts. She would make these amazing quilted clothing pieces that had a decidedly Asian quality about them. Her and my uncle used to travel a lot to Japan for business, and he used to live in Japan for many years, so he had an affinity for everything Asian. Anyway...after that visit I, totally on impulse, I went right out and bought a book on quilting intending to jump right in and create these beautiful heirloom quilts that I would give to family members for years to come. Well...if any of you have known me for any length of time, you will know that I have an absolute love-hate relationship with my sewing machine. I can barely hem a pair of pants without the bottom thread getting all bunched up - which you can't tell has happened until either, A: The fabric jams in your machine or B: You take out what you think is a beautiful piece of hemmery (I know that is not a word - cut me some slack here!) only to find this jumbled mess of bunched up thread underneath. Anyway...long story short, quilting never became part of my world.

So fast forward many years, to this Thanksgiving, and we have driven aunt J back to her

place of residence in Naples, and we are having a nice lunch with her before we drive the last leg back to the east coast and I am just DROOLING over her necklace. I compliment

Kumihimo Disk Bobbins

her on it and am just floored when she tells me that she MADE it! My daughter and I were just stunned! So in the middle of this...she blurts out this funny word...(and I am really praying that she never reads this blog post). Well Bella and I just kind of glance at each other like what did she just say?? SeeAunt J is not from the US, and she has this really strong British accent, plus she just naturally speaks very low. Well...we both just smiled and nodded and life went on.

Some weeks after we got home I was still thinking about that necklace and started googling and low and behold...KUMIHIMO was introduced into my world! Then it dawned on me!! THAT is what Aunt J blurted out! Kumihimo! Now...for those of you that don't know, Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braiding. Cords and ribbons are made by interlacing strands, of thread, and very recently, by adding beads to make very decorative pieces of Jewelry.

Kumihimo Beaded Necklace

Kumi himo is Japanese for 'gathered threads'. So, I watched a couple of YouTube videos and bought all the stuff and went to work. Now THIS was something I could get into! I LOVE it. Talk about a stress reliever! And now I have something to compliment my sea glass pieces that I am wire wrapping! So, if you are wondering what is happening at our household on Tuesday and Thursdays, you can bet that Bella and I are weaving to our hearts content. Be sure to 'Favorite' my Etsy store at Handmade Jewelry Haven so you won't miss these upcoming treasures!

Kumihimo is fun!

I love to read comments so please, leave one here! I eventually WILL visit your blog (if you have one) and love to comment too!

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