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The Tuesday Night Hobbyist

Did I mention that I have been dating someone? Actually it has been a little over five years that we have been seeing each other and have been engaged now for 3 of those years. Anyway...John league bowls on Tuesday nights and so my daughter, Bella and I have chosen Tuesday nights to start crafting.

As I mentioned in a previous post, she is making 'Beach Jars' that look something like this..

Naturally, living in Florida is conducive to visiting a lot of beaches, and on one of our more recent road trips to Bonita Springs visiting one of my oldest friends, 'Lisa Girl', she mentioned to Bella that she ought to start collecting sand and trinkets from the beach to put in jars as a memento for the trip. And so, a hobby was born.

As I have found a new found fascination with everything Sea Glass, this was a perfect way for the both of us to spend some quality time together, 'co-hobbying'.

Anyway, last Tuesday I FINALLY tried my hand at wire wrapping one of my sea glass pieces. I had watched a couple of beginner wire wrapping tutorials on You Tube (yes...that's how I roll) and went to our local craft store, AC Moore - great jewelry making supplies btw - and got down to business wire wrapping a small frosted white piece found on Ft Lauderdale beach the day after hurricane Matthew.

In case you do not know....south Floridians base a large part of their life time lines on the ebb and flow of hurricanes! I know, crazy right? Well, as it turns out, the first low tide after a hurricane is when you can find the most sea glass, and I found two out of my four piece collection that day (let me tell you - the struggles of a south Floridian Glasser is REAL folks!).

Here is my finished piece..

Hopefully one day I will make a really GREAT piece of wire wrapped jewelry, but for now, I am content to spend my Tuesday nights, practicing and watching my daughter construct her Beach Jars.

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1 Comment

Great story. I love the fact that you share this passion with your daughter. Your talent is unmatched.

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