Feel like a Greek Goddess when you waltz into the party wearing this STUNNING Patina Mermaid Necklace! Made from patinated copper, this lovely mermaid is holding a coral bead as an offering to Neptune himself! Copper colored beads and shiney rhinestones complete this beautiful piece for a little 'bling'! 

This necklace measures 27" end to end.

Makes a perfect gift anytime of the year for yourself or that special someone in your life!

"Always Be Yourself. Unless you can be a Mermaid, then always be a Mermaid"
- Author Unknown

Care Instructions: 
Please try to keep away from water, perfumes and lotions. The accents are all bronze plated and I make sure that I use only quality items but with time and constant use they might lose their color. In that case use a jewelry cloth to clean them.

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Patina Mermaid Necklace